Powerful Breakthroughs to Empower You Program

A Program for People Who Want to Embrace Life, Take Control of Their Life, Make Decisions with Confidence, Enjoy Healthy Boundaries, and Live Life Every Day Feeling Fulfilled

  • Would you like to have clear healthy boundaries that support you in your daily life?  
  • Be able to identify the sources of your challenges and eliminate them?  
  • Discover your passion for life and have the self-confidence to live that life? 
  • Learn to live without the fear that keeps you trapped in a place where you don't succeed?
  • Step out the vicious circle of feeling out of control and unable to control things in your life?
  • Understand what is holding you back from achieving the things you want?
  • Stop repeating those negative patterns and discover what causes them to be an issue?

The Reality Is:

  • You’ve tried things before that didn’t make a difference. 
  • Your life is busy, and you don’t know how you’ll find time for everything this program requires. 
  •  You’re afraid of stepping out of who you are now to become that person in your heart you desire. 
  • You feel like a failure because nothing has worked for you, so why try again?
  • You don't have the support system to keep you on track.
  • I understand your fears and you’re in the right place. 

Let Me Introduce Myself

I am Trish Burrows and many years ago I found myself feeling those things mentioned above. I look back and wonder how I even functioned. When I was at a crossroads in my life I began working with a mentor that changed my life. I learned some things that began to change my life within days. My life quickly went from dragging myself out of bed, dreading each day, to eager for the sun to rise and my day to start. I began to share with others the things I had learned and quickly had a following to learn more about the techniques that had changed my life. For the past 17 years I have been a life coach to help people transition from a life they aren't enjoying to one they enjoy. 

This program includes many of the issues I saw in myself and with my clients over the years. The techniques used in the program are things I have used myself as well as with my clients to help them fast-track into a life they love. No need to struggle for years to discover how to be happy and no more going it alone. You can have an exciting life, I know because I am living proof.  

What To Expect From Me

  • POWERFUL MINDSET TECHNIQUES to teach you how your challenges are the keys to empower you, boost your confidence and build an unsinkable self-esteem. This mindset shift can make you unstoppable when it comes to achieving your goals. 

  • I SHOW YOU the same process I used to overcome my challenges that worked for me and has worked for my clients from all walks of life. I will share other secrets I have discovered. I know these things worked for me and for my clients and I have no doubts they will work for you too! 

  • I AM BY YOUR SIDE during the whole program, I will always be within your reach to encourage you and help you find clarity in your personal situations. I will be there to guide you in your next step and help direct you as you gain new perspectives of your challenges and implement effective solutions. 

  • I’M YOUR FAITHFUL FRIEND, I am more than a coach as you go through this process. As your friend, I’m vested in helping you discover the life you were intended to live. You’ll wake up each day ready to enjoy the life you deserve. 

  • ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS in your weekly phone calls and give you special pointers that are unique to your situations because there is no other person just like you.

  • ALWAYS AVAILABLE through email to answer your questions in between phone appointments so you never have to wait days for an answer.


1. The ability to look at challenges differently and resolve them quickly before they take over your lifel 

2. You will have healthy boundaries

3. Your limiting-beliefs will no longer control you and keep you stuck. 

4. Unstoppable confidence and self-esteem to help you focus on your goals. 

5. You will have mastered the power of your thoughts and discovered how to make powerful shift that change your life. 

6. New productive behavior patterns that will propel you to success. 

7. A secret key to forgiveness that releases you from the dark and gloomy place that kept you trapped. 

8. You’ll have discovered your zones of love and brilliance, what they are and how to live in them daily. 

9. You’ll trust your intuition and eliminate self-doubt

10. Discover your passion and the steps you can take to live it every day.