Frequent Asked Questions

Where can I find the prices for your programs? I prefer to not include prices on the website. I do offer discounts to those attending webinars and at other times offer special discounts. 

Why can't I sign up for a program from the website? These programs aren't a good fit for everyone. The free assessment call allow us both to determine if we are a right fit for each other. If I feel my program isn't a good fit for you I will be honest with you and may make suggestions for you that will help you achieve what you are looking for at this stage of your life. My goal isn't about how many clients I have, it is about providing the best service to each of my clients. To provide the best service we need to be a good fit so you get what you need.

Is there a start date for each program? You start the program on the day you register. This way you start when you are ready and avoid having to wait weeks. Since I work with a small select number of clients, if I have reached my client limit I can work with there could be delay of a week or two. 

What are the class size? There aren't in group classes in any of my programs. Each person gets equal one-on-one time weekly. I do limit enrollments as I only have so much time each week for one-on-one work with each of my clients. There is a Facebook private group where you can interact with others, if they choose to be a part of the group. I am also a part of that group. 

Scholarship Program - I do offer some scholarships to certain programs. If you would like to apply for a scholarship please submit your information.

If you have other questions please email Trish: