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Powerful Breakthroughs to Empower You

A Program for People Who Want to Embrace Life, Take Control, Make Decisions with Confidence, Enjoy Healthy Boundaries, and Live Life Every Day.

Do You Want To…….


Have clear healthy boundaries that support you in your daily life?


Identify the sources of your challenges and eliminate them?


Discover your passion for life and have the self-confidence to live that life?



You can get there, however you need to:

  • Know you have the birthright to be respected and have healthy boundaries.
  • Be clear on what the challenges are that keep you stuck from enjoying life
  • Realize your passion for life and know you’re worthy of living it every day.


The reality is:

  • You’ve tried things before that didn’t make a difference.
  • Your life is busy, and you don’t know how you’ll find time for everything this program requires.
  • You’re afraid of stepping out of who you are now to become that person in your heart you desire.
  • I understand your fears and you’re in the right place.




    I’m Trish Burrows.  I’ve worked as a Spiritual Life Coach for 16 years and as an Animal Communicator for 18.  Working with clients and their animals I saw human patterns that resembled some of my own that had kept me in a place where there was little joy in my life.  I knew what it was like to feel stuck, live with daily conflict, and low self-esteem, and be unable to set boundaires.  Fear was my constant friend.  I didn’t like where my life was headed and I remember thinking I didn’t know how to change the path I was on.  I felt like I was drowing in a life that had no worth.

    That’s when a friend gave me the name of a spiritual life coach.  I knew without any doubt I had to meet her.  I was living off my limited savings, however I knew I had to take that important step if I wanted to get my life back on track and enjoy my future.  So I made the call and began working with my coach.  I was amazed how quickly thing changed.  I was confident about what I wanted.  I could easily apply the things I was learning to my daily life.  I discovered my passion and realized how many times I’d been directed towards it, only to turn away because I didn’t believe in myself.  I had missed out on enjoying my passion for so many years because I thought I was unworthy and didn’t believe in my own abilities.  Since then, I have worked with other coaches and applied their various techniques.  I was so excited about what I was learning I began sharing my new-found knowledge with my clients so their lives could become meaningful, too.  I watched them open up to enjoying the life they had only been able to dream about.

    It has been through my own experiences, learning from other coaches/mentors and over the years seeing my clients’ progress that this powerful program was born. To live my own passion and to be able to share my knowledge with others to discover their own amazing life with a strong foundation and achieve everything they desire gives me great joy.



Sally M. in Texas……”I learned how to deal with some challenging neighbors just by using the thought changing techniques you shared with me during a session.”


Michelle S. in California….”My self-esteem had been low most of my life and I was so insecure I didn’t believe in my own abilities to get a job promotion I had wanted for years.  Trish helped me believe in myself and my abilities to learn new things required for the new job.  I applied for it and got the job.”


Amy H. in Georgia….”I learned how my own fears were affecting the lives of my animals.  They had become nervous just like me.  As Trish helped me understand how to look at things from a different perspective my fears disappeared.  As I became more relaxed about life so did my animals.”


Brenda F. from Virginia……“I had been in a relationship that was emotionally abusive and I didn’t have the courage or knowledge to change it.  I began working with Trish to rebuild my self-esteem and to set boundaries.  As I improved I found my voice and expressed my desire to go to marriage counseling with my husband.  Not only did I discover the ‘lost’ me my marriage improved.”




My signature program, Powerful Breakthroughs To Empower You, is a one-on-one program for anyone who wants to embrace life, to quickly dissolve challenges, discover their passion, become free of old destructive patterns, be confident with making decisions, and ready to experience all the joys life has to offer.  I can immediately help you make positive changes in your life.  Clients who were just functioning in life when they started working with me now share their achievements based upon the same techniques that are in my signature program




I teach you how your challenges are the keys to empower you, boost your confidence and build am unsinkable self-esteem.  This mindset shift can make you unstoppable when it comes to achieving your goals.



I’ll show you the same process I used to overcome my challenges that worked for me and has worked for my clients from all walks of life.  I will share secrets I discovered along the way.  I know if I can do it for me and for my clients I can do it for you too!


During the program, I will always be within your reach to encourage you and help you find clarity in your personal situations.  I will be there to guide you in your next step and help direct you as you gain new perspectives of your challenges and implement effective solutions.


I am more than a coach as you go through this process.  As your friend, I’m vested in helping you discover the life you were intended to live.  You’ll wake up each day ready to enjoy the life you deserve.






  1. The ability to look at challenges differently and resolve them quickly before they take over your lifel
  2. You will have healthy boundaries.
  3. Your limiting-beliefs will no longer control you and keep you stuck.
  4. Unstoppable confidence and self-esteem to help you focus on your goals.
  5. You will have mastered the power of your thoughts and discovered how to make powerful shift that change your life.
  6. New productive behavior patterns that will propel you to success.
  7. A secret key to forgiveness that releases you from the dark and gloomy place that kept you trapped.
  8. You’ll have discovered your zones of love and brilliance, what they are and how to live in them daily.
  9. You’ll trust your intuition and eliminate self-doubt.
  10. Discover your passion and the steps you can take to live it every day.




I work with each person based upon where they are in their own unique journey.  No matter what your level is each month’s discovery sheets are customized to meet your needs.


Month 1

Identify your challenges and their root causes.

Setting boundaries and learn how they can empower you.

Discover the secret of forgiveness and the amazing power it has.

Take control of your thoughts and see how they change the events around you.

Learn how to identify and remove limited beliefs before they cause you to regress.

Month 2

Affirmations and the emotions that empower them.

Your fears and the power they have.  Taking back you power from fear.

How to stop giving away your energy.

Simple ways to recharge your battery and to increase the positive energy in your home.

Month 3

Turning loose resistance and control while still being in control of your life.

When old friends disappear from your life.  Why it happens and what you can do?

Learning how to develop and trust your intuition to help you make decisions.

Making your affirmations with more clarity.

Month 4

Discovering your passion and how to achieve it.

Create what you desire in your life.

Finding balance in your life as the new you.

Identifying areas that need more support and prepare the roadmap for your future.





On the day you sign up you will receive your Welcome and Introduction packet.  


You’ll get your first week’s “Discovery Packet” for you to work on.


You’ll receive another one each week until you have completed the course.




  • In the Welcome and Introduction packet you will receive a link to schedule your weekly one-on-one phone appointments.
  • Each Discovery Packet can be printed for you to complete the exercises.
  • You will have regular email support throughout your program.
  • You’ll be invited to participate in my private Facebook group.  This is the place you can connect with others who are on a similar journey.  They’ll support and celebrate you and offer feedback when you need to be lifted up.  I’ll also be interacting with you throughout the program.
  • You will continue to have support from others who have completed the program through a private “after-program” Facebook group, which I’ll also be an active participant in this group.

You’re certainly ready for Powerful Breakthroughs To Empower You if…..

  • You know what you have been doing isn’t working.
  • You are ready to enjoy your life to the fullest.
  • You are ready to be free of repeating old patterns.
  • You know the value of having one-on-one coaching.
  • You want to get to the core of the issues so you can achieve the change you desire.
  • You are ready to invest in yourself to achieve the change you have been searching for.

You’re certainly not ready for Powerful Breakthroughs To Empower You if……

  • You are content with feeling others take advantage of you.
  • You are lazy and unwilling to make changes for a better life.
  • You aren’t worthy enough to have a good life.
  • You aren’t willing to step outside the box that keeps you confined in your self-limiting state.  
  • You don’t have time for you.
  • You enjoy living in fear and the drama that comes with it.




I’m selective about who I work with.  I only want to work with you if you are willing to work on yourself.  I have a limited number of free discovery calls and they’re reserved for serious people.  If you are serious about making that commitment and eager to make changes in your life, then claim your spot before someone else does.  LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE.


Click the button below to select a date for your FREE self-discovery session with me to see if we are a good fit.  Once you’ve scheduled your call you will receive a short application to complete on line.  Schedule today while appointments are still available.




If you are honest with yourself you’ll agree you haven’t been enjoying life to the fullest.  Here is your opportunity to gain the confidence needed to free yourself from old patterns and low self-esteem and to begin to ive a life of passion.  It’s YOUR TURN NOW.


Not ready to take that step?  Have questions?  No problem?.  I want you to feel comfortable.  Claiming your spot is a big step, one that can make amazing changes in your life.  You shouldn’t take it lightly and you need to be sure you are making the best decision for you.  So email me with your questions at and I will be in touch with you within 48 hours during the week and weekends may take a little longer.  Just know your questions are important to me and I’ll answer them.


I have been where you are now.  Because of that, I understand where you’re coming from.  I knew I was worth the time, effort and money to do what was needed to do to enjoy my life on all levels.  I made the commitment, not knowing where it would lead me, other than from the deep dark hole I was in.  The day I committed to work with a coach/mentor was one of the best days of my life.  It can be that for you, too.  I use the same techniques in the program as I have used on me and many clients… all with great results.  Let’s talk.